Q: Who writes this comic?

A: My name is Darcey, and that's also my username. I am 18 years old now, so you can stop worrying that I'm the FBI. I'm 5'1, somewhere around 95 pounds, and my blood is type AB+. I am partially human. You can reach me at decorumcomics@gmail.com; I love feedback and attention. Also, large amounts of the material are based on real life conversations, so I'll try to give credit where it's deserved.

This is me:

Q: Who made the site?

A: Leif K-Brooks did the programming and stuff. He's also responsible for eCritters, which is a virtual pet game that he wishes you would check out (so he can have your ad revenue... and your soul!).

Q: When does the comic update?

A: Current update schedule is Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, but I usually put them up so late that they might as well be Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. I intend to get better about this, though. Schedule still subject to change.

Q: Should I tell everyone I know about this comic?

A: Yes. And just in case you're not immediately inclined to do so, we have some motivating factors:

- If you tell your friends, you can all talk about Decorum and make everyone else feel stupid.
- If enough people read it, we will make cool merchandise. =O And I mean REALLY cool merchandise.
- See the girl in the picture up there? You want to make her happy, don't you?
- More reasons coming soon.

Q: What other cool sites should I check out while waiting for new comics?

A: - eCritters, a really awesome virtual pet game by Leif K-Brooks

Q: Can I use one of your comics on my website?

A: Hell yeah. We encourage maximum enjoyment of our comics, although in certain cases we'd rather not know about it. But please do feel free to take our comics for personal use. Also, try to credit us and link back to us, if possible. We like readers. Readers are good. Especially with barbeque sauce. Shh, you didn't hear that.

Q: What is with the recent lapses in comic posting? Is Decorum Comics going away?

A: I have been quite busy in the past few months, but my schedule is clearing up again and I will return to posting on the normal days. Decorum Comics is absolutely not going away and you do not have to worry, even though you might have to wait awhile for comics every now and then.

Q: Why can't I find [certain strip] using the search feature on the archive? I'm sure I got the text correct.

A: Not all of the strips have been tagged and transcribed. All of the transcribed comics have tags, and vice versa, so if a comic doesn't have tags you aren't going to find it by searching for text not contained in the title or description.

Q: What is comic favouriting? Why can't I see the favourite button?

A: Comic favouriting allows you to mark comics that you particularly like, to make it easier to find them in the future. You must have an account to favourite comics. Once you have an account, the favourite button should appear. You can then use the Archive settings to display or search only your favourite comics.

Q: Why did you start Decorum Comics?

A: Well, there's a rather long story behind this comic. It all starts with my mother. She was fifteen at the time of my conception, impregnated by Zeus. When I was born, she realized that she could not take care of me while also pursuing her dream as a porn star. So she abandoned me at an orphanage.

What she didn't know was that the orphanage was actually a government institution, and that they were experimenting with young children for military purposes. Unfortunately, the project was a failure, and at the age of seventeen, I was told that I would have to be put to sleep, as there was no more use for me and I had been exposed to too many government secrets.

I pleaded with the guards for my life. I was so cute that at last they took me to the head guard, a powerfully-built man, 6'3" and maybe 25 years old. Nice eyes, too. I implored him to let me go. He thought about it a moment, then said "I will let you out, but only if you give me a very good reason."

So I responded by taking my shirt off. "Look at me," I said. "I'm hot and seventeen. I will trade you my body for one week in exchange for my life."

"Ugh," he grimaced. "Don't you have any decorum?" Disappointed, I pulled my shirt back on and started to run through the possibilities.

At last, I said to him, "What if I were to make a webcomic?" He contemplated this, and then said "Ok, it's a deal. You have one month to come up with a decent webcomic and get at least fifty people reading it. If you fail to complete this task satisfactorily, your existence will be terminated."

"It's a deal, then," I said. He opened the gates, and motioned for me to exit the compound. Right before I stepped out, I handed him a piece of paper. "Here's my number if you ever change your mind," I said. "Fuck off," he replied. So I stepped across the threshold into the cool night air, eyes wide in wonder at my first view of the stars.

Q: You're a blatant ripoff of xkcd and an insult to Randall Munroe! Your comic is just like xkcd except it sucks!

A: Well, I have no response to the "your comic sucks" remark. You either like it or you don't. However, despite pencil-drawn, stick-figure artwork and the fact that Decorum as well as xkcd belongs to the "geeky" genre of webcomics, it isn't "exactly like xkcd". There are similarities and xkcd is one of my main inspirations, but there are lots of places where the comics do not overlap in content or style.

I doubt that's going to satisfy the people who really are convinced that I'm doing something terribly wrong. The best response I can offer you is that I've spoken to Randall Munroe on a number of occasions, he's mentioned to me that my comic is one of the better ones he's seen out there, and he linked me directly from wetriffs.com. These things lead me to believe that Randall Munroe neither dislikes my comic nor believes I am plagiarizing him, and I would have to consider him the authority on this matter.